Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Shop continues to grow!

The shingles are up!  The shingles are up!  Look how everything is starting to come together! By the end of the week, the scaffolding may be down...so stay tuned.  

Side shot of the Sweet Shop.  Looking good!  The white door that is shut will be the bathroom door with "state of the art" hand dryers.  Very green and very 21st century!  

Sweet Mail...Sweet Address

Our official mailbox!  Here is our official address:  994 Los Altos Avenue, Los Altos, CA.  Lots of sweet stuff will be coming to this address for many years to come!  

We're located near the Los Altos bike path

Come visit the Sweet Shop before or after your bike/jog/run/walk down the Los Altos bike trail.  We are located just a stone's throw from the entrance.  A refreshing frozen yogurt, smoothie or iced latte awaits you.   

Friday, February 13, 2009

Come watch us grow

More pictures of our construction

Standing inside the Sweet Shop looking out, I'm taking this picture from the "candy wall" location.  That's right...while you are eating candy, you'll be turning around and looking out this very window in just a few months.  

And this is the window you'll be looking through!!  Right now, so many passerby's are looking through the fence surrounding the property and wondering when the Sweet Shop will open.  The buzz has already begun!! Summer 2009!!

Where will all the fun be at?

Our Location

Sweet Shop is located at the corner of Los Altos Ave and Loucks Ave in Los Altos.  We will be opening in summer 2009.  

Sweet Shop is beginning to take shape!!


Here is a picture of the front of the Sweet Shop.  The round window you see above the door is where our logo is going to go.  Our logo is so cute!! Come back soon to see it.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stay tuned to this spot...Sweet Shop Los Altos is coming....