Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee art at the Sweet Shop

When you order a latte or a cappuccino at the Sweet Shop, you will be getting something a little extra on art! And this week, we had one of the top Barista's in the country here training the management team how to do a perfect rosette. Thank you to Chris from Verve Coffee Roasters for his patience and his wonderful teaching skills. The rosette you see above in a latte is the one Chris made, and we will be doing our best to make here at the Sweet Shop. We had so much fun practicing this rosette (sometimes ours resembled a cloud, a bunny with no tail or a dinosaur) and by the time we were finished practicing, we actually had come pretty close to the picture you see above (honest!). One thing is for certain, your morning java at the Sweet Shop is not only going to taste incredible, it's going to look great too. We'll see you all in a few weeks when our doors open.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our colorful lights went up today

I was so excited to walk through our doors this afternoon and see our beautiful, colorful lights. I have never - and I mean never - seen such colorful lights in a candy and frozen yogurt shop like this before. I was blown away! They are so unique and colorful that they really take your breath away when you first see them.

Here is a close up view of one the colorful lights. How beautiful is this light?

I really love these orange lights too. They just WOW you when you walk in. They are directly over our counter and will be highlighting all of our incredible baked goods, frozen yogurt toppings and many tempting sweets. While the color may not come across in this picture, it is one of those colors that just makes you happy looking at it.

We are getting so excited here at the Sweet Shop as more and more of our interior starts to take shape and we get ready for our future customers. Keep coming back every few days for more updates on our progress and we'll see you soon when our doors open.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our awnings are up!

Look at how pretty our new awnings are. They will provide you - our Sweet Shop customer - with plenty of shade on those bright, sunny days. And how cool is this feature? The two awnings in front are retractable! So when we don't need them, they will be as you see them pictured below. When we need them, we just push a button and like magic, they come out and will provide shade. How 21st century is that?

Here is a close up picture of our front awnings and our new lights that are now over the
front door.

The awning on the side of our Shop looks so nice. We'll have a table and a few chairs
underneath so a few customers will be able to enjoy their treats al fresco.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Candy from the UK at the Sweet Shop

Even before our doors have opened, we had several requests to carry candy from the United Kingdom. There were several popular types requested by our UK friends and we are happy to say that we will be carrying several of them in our Shop. I have to say that when we did a taste test, I think I ate a whole box of Smarties on my own! They practically melt in your mouth. They are really like nothing I had ever tried before (and being the chocolate fan I am...that's saying something). I think the Buttons taste amazing too. You'll just have to try the products yourself and decide which ones you like the best. Or, if you happen to already be a fan, I'm sure you are happy to know that they'll be here for you.

Here are a few pictures of products we will be carrying:

The CurlyWurly candy bar

Milk chocolate buttons
Mars English candy bar

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check out what's new inside our Shop!

When I came in this morning and saw Noelle painting these cute designs on our walls, I just couldn't believe it! How cute are these? We are having special candy and yogurt themed designs painted on our walls. It has been so amazing to watch our walls transform from being a normal, boring white to a gorgeous faux yellow with these cute designs now on them. You are just going to have to come in and check them out for yourself when we open.

This picture shows three of the five designs Noelle is painting.

And here is a close up of the peppermint. All of these are painted directly above the Sweet Shop door, so you will see these every time you leave our Shop. Something nice to look at as you leave our doors - a sweet exit.

Here, Sandy is painting our logo. Doesn't it look great?! This is going to be directly above the candy area and you will see this as you walk into the Shop.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What candy will you choose at the Sweet Shop?

Have you been watching our "what's your favorite candy" poll on our blog? It's been so much fun to watch this poll over the past few months as the front runner has always been chocolate. While this is my personal favorite and vice, I'm surprised to see that it has been such a clear favorite of so many of the blog followers. Is it really going to be that much more of a favorite than say...

the sour candies? Now this candy has usually been a hit with so many! If you were to search "sour candies" it is amazing to see the variety of candies that actually come in a sour kind. I'm happy to say that we'll be carrying quite a few of them. We even had a taste test to make sure that we had the best tasting ones! But...are the sour candies really going to

...beat the sweet candies? Come on! They're sweet after all. Colorful, sweet, so many types. From our childhood.

Well, I guess what will remain to be seen is what candy will you eat when the Sweet Shop doors open in just a few weeks? The polls say one thing, but you - the Sweet Shop customer - will say another. One thing is for certain - we will be waiting for you and your sweet tooth.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Max shows off his Sweet Shop hat and shirt

Max Sullivan has been playing baseball all week long at summer camp in his Sweet Shop baseball hat. Today he wore his Sweet Shop shirt too! And if you are wondering, yes...we will be selling Sweet Shop apparel for both kids and adults (styles will be different than above for men). Thanks to Max for being such a great model!