Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blooming Daisies & Spring Treats at the Sweet Shop

Spring has arrived at the Sweet Shop! Yes, we know it isn't "official" yet but our garden and fountain have flowers and inside the shop it sure feels like Spring. Stop by and check out all of our new goodies!
Spring & Easter treats everywhere...chocolate eggs, bunny's galore, lambs, cows, chickens, cows, gummy butterflies, gummy fried eggs, bunny corn just to name a few. Our FAVORITE new treat is our Edible Grass, it is a paper wafer candy and quite yummy to munch on, this wont last so pick some up on your next visit. Perfect alternative to decorating your Easter baskets and will be such a fun treat to be able to eat everything in your basket!

Li'l Playful Pals, so cute...our favorite little chocolate friends.
Life is Sweet!