Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dippin' Dots coming to the Sweet Shop!

The Sweet Shop is proud to announce that we will be selling Dippin Dots!  This hard to find "ice cream of the future" will be at our Shop and will be waiting for you to try all of the flavors we will be carrying.   Never had Dippin' Dots?  You are in for a real treat!  It's definitely like no other ice cream you've ever had before.  See you in a couple months for some Dippin' Dots...

We'll be selling the packs of Dippin' Dots.  Just pour in a bowl or cup...and enjoy!

Chocolate chip cookie dough in a pack...yum
Cookies 'n cream with oreo...no milk needed to dunk when eating this treat

Friday, April 24, 2009

We have really come a long way in April

April has been such an busy month for the Sweet Shop as we are beginning to really see how things are going to look.  The Sweet Shop management team and the Sweet Shop designer stopped by today to see how things looked and we couldn't believe how much had happened in just a week.  As we all walked through the Shop, we could each imagine customers coming in and enjoying themselves...and it was so nice!  

Stacy (Sweet Shop owner) holds up one of the lights.  Isn't it pretty & colorful?

This fabric will cover the banquette seating area.  Whimsical & fun.  

We were all so excited to see the cabinets were up and mounted on the walls.  

This is the counter area where we will be behind and helping our future Sweet Shop customers. Baked goods and frozen yogurt toppings are just a few things that will be going on this counter area.  

Here is our floor (not installed) next to the banquette seating area.  

Our website is up

We now are officially a part of the world wide web as we now have a website.  Please check us out at www.sweetshoplosaltos.com.  We'll be updating our website often, so be sure to stop by for updates.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frozen yogurt trade show today

The Sweet Shop management team went to a small frozen yogurt trade show today and we learned a lot!  What we really learned is that the frozen yogurt that we have chosen for the Sweet Shop is going to be of the highest quality and will always taste fresh and creamy.  We learned some secrets and tips today that will prove to be invaluable.    Here are some of the pictures from the show today:

A sample of some toppings for frozen yogurt

A colorful display of frozen yogurt toppings

Here is my cup of yogurt sitting next to all of the toppings.  By the way, my yogurt was really yummy.  

Here is a picture of the frozen yogurt machine that will be in the Sweet Shop. We'll have 2 brand new machines.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frozen yogurt trade show tomorrow!

The Sweet Shop management team is going to a small frozen yogurt trade show tomorrow!  We are all eager to taste, taste, taste!  We want to make sure that we have the highest quality products for you - our future Sweet Shop customers - so we need to go to shows like this and taste test many products to make sure we have the best tasting, highest quality frozen yogurt.  We'll also be trying different yogurt toppings as well.   Can't wait to share all of this with you tomorrow...

Here come the cabinets!

What an exciting day yesterday at the Sweet Shop as our cabinets started to arrive!  Here is a picture of our one of our first cabinets arriving through our doors.  We are getting our cabinets from Segale Bros.  

Bob and Ron holding up some of the lighting samples.  How pretty are these lights??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Shop banner is up!! Los Altos...here we come!!

The official Sweet Shop banner went up this morning!  Doesn't it look great?  Now when people drive/walk/bike by our Shop they will know exactly what is coming in just a matter of a few months.  The buzz is building...

WHAT exactly is the Sweet Shop?  The Sweet Shop is a charming, neighborhood shop located in North Los Altos.  We will be serving candy, frozen yogurt, smoothies, espresso, drinks, tea, baked goods, cupcakes, Dippin' Dots and other sweet treats.  

The Sweet Shop will be a quaint, community destination.    

AND the most wonderful part of the Sweet Shop is that all proceeds will be going to the Los Altos Public Schools

Friday, April 17, 2009

Poco Dolce chocolate at the Sweet Shop

We fell in love with Poco Dolce chocolate when we visited the SF International Chocolate Salon a few weeks ago.  We sampled their "tiles" and knew we had to have them at the Sweet Shop.   If you haven't had their chocolate, you will be in for a treat when you visit us.  It is so unique...and wonderful!   My personal "tile" favorites are the "Aztec Chile" and the "Burnt Caramel".    

A picture of the "Aztec Chile" tile.  

The tiles come in a pretty package too

Here is what some of the press has to say about Poco Dolce (just so you can see we aren't their only fans!):
 "Gourmet Magazine  

'Poco Dolce's bittersweet chocolate tiles 
...were devoured instantaneously...these 
sea salt topped candies are guaranteed 
to be a welcome treat'   
Food and Wine Magazine  

'Superfresh almonds and pistachios are handfolded 
into Poco Dolce's slightly crumbly torrone bianco.' 
Bon Appetit Magazine 
Bon Vivant - Toffee Break 

'Nutty with just the right hint of salt, Poco Dolce's bittersweet 
chocolate toffee makes a delicious hostess gift 
(if you can bring yourself to give it away).'

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our mid-April update

Wow!  Look how much has changed in just a couple of weeks!  If you take a look at a few photo's back, you'll see that those "poles" have now begun to take shape into planter boxes.  These cement frames will soon become beautiful planter boxes.  Come back to see the updated pictures in another few weeks as I'm sure they'll be gorgeous!!

Another picture of what used to be just "poles" a couple of weeks ago is now getting ready to be turned into a beautiful planter box (I wonder if this is how Cinderella felt?)!

This is a picture of our ceiling with Shiplap!  I learned some new construction lingo today...shiplap!  Isn't it pretty??

Another picture of our shiplap...

Our truss just got sanded down...it looks so nice!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Award winning teas coming to the Sweet Shop

We are so excited!!  We are going to be selling an award winning tea to you...our Sweet Shop customer.  It is called "The Art of Tea".  The Art of Tea is an award winning boutique importer and wholesaler of organic tea and specialty teas.  They hand craft and sift through the best ingredients direct from growers including fair trade teas and blend in a heaping handful of hospitality.  

Here are a few pictures of just some of their teas (as you can see, they are beautiful!!).   If you enjoy black teas, here is one called "Starry Night".  

This is the "Award Winning" Green Pomegranate.   

This is a picture of the White Blueberry Pomegranate tea.  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look at us now!

We have really come a long way in these past couple of weeks!  The landscaping has begun, the stucco walls inside the store are up and the counters are being built.  Enjoy the photo update. 

Let the sun shine in!!

The funny looking poles are where our planter boxes are going to go.  Stay tuned...in a couple weeks you'll see how beautiful they'll look.  The entrance to the Sweet Shop is going to be a beautiful, colorful one!

Even though this was taken on April Fool's Day...this was no joke.  The Sweet Shop is looking good.  Can't wait for summer!

We have a brand new sidewalk!

Wow!  A new sidewalk just for you...our Sweet Shop customers-to-be.  This sign shows everyone that approaches that a brand new sidewalk has just been put in. 

...and isn't it pretty??  The Sweet Shop sidewalk is all nice and scratch free.  But soon, when we open it will have lots of customers footprints marking their path to our doors...