Friday, April 17, 2009

Poco Dolce chocolate at the Sweet Shop

We fell in love with Poco Dolce chocolate when we visited the SF International Chocolate Salon a few weeks ago.  We sampled their "tiles" and knew we had to have them at the Sweet Shop.   If you haven't had their chocolate, you will be in for a treat when you visit us.  It is so unique...and wonderful!   My personal "tile" favorites are the "Aztec Chile" and the "Burnt Caramel".    

A picture of the "Aztec Chile" tile.  

The tiles come in a pretty package too

Here is what some of the press has to say about Poco Dolce (just so you can see we aren't their only fans!):
 "Gourmet Magazine  

'Poco Dolce's bittersweet chocolate tiles 
...were devoured instantaneously...these 
sea salt topped candies are guaranteed 
to be a welcome treat'   
Food and Wine Magazine  

'Superfresh almonds and pistachios are handfolded 
into Poco Dolce's slightly crumbly torrone bianco.' 
Bon Appetit Magazine 
Bon Vivant - Toffee Break 

'Nutty with just the right hint of salt, Poco Dolce's bittersweet 
chocolate toffee makes a delicious hostess gift 
(if you can bring yourself to give it away).'

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