Friday, April 24, 2009

We have really come a long way in April

April has been such an busy month for the Sweet Shop as we are beginning to really see how things are going to look.  The Sweet Shop management team and the Sweet Shop designer stopped by today to see how things looked and we couldn't believe how much had happened in just a week.  As we all walked through the Shop, we could each imagine customers coming in and enjoying themselves...and it was so nice!  

Stacy (Sweet Shop owner) holds up one of the lights.  Isn't it pretty & colorful?

This fabric will cover the banquette seating area.  Whimsical & fun.  

We were all so excited to see the cabinets were up and mounted on the walls.  

This is the counter area where we will be behind and helping our future Sweet Shop customers. Baked goods and frozen yogurt toppings are just a few things that will be going on this counter area.  

Here is our floor (not installed) next to the banquette seating area.  

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