Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet Shop...come see how we've changed in just a week

This massive, gorgeous looking trellis you see below is going to be part of our patio where our Sweet Shop customers can enjoy their treats "al fresco".  Check back here soon for more picture updates of this as it is going to be stunning.  With our designer, Julie Brown, you just have to trust everything she designs for us (both inside and out) is going to be wonderful!

And look at this tile.  Isn't it pretty??  This is the tile that is going in our....bathroom!  This is just the I can't wait to see how the whole wall is going to look.  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wake up and Smell the Coffee at the Sweet Shop…

For all of our coffee fans or shall we say fanatics, we will be preparing your favorite coffee drinks all day long. The Sweet Shop will be brewing coffee everyday using locally roasted beans from Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz. Verve truly knows the art of coffee and is dedicated to their craft of roasting beans and sourcing some of the best Fair Trade and Organic beans available to their customers. We cant wait to share their coffee with you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fresh fruit smoothies...yes, we'll have those too

The Sweet Shop will be your place to go when you are craving a fresh, fruit smoothie.  You saw in our previous post that we'll have fresh fruit year 'round, so our blends are sure to change from time to time...but one thing is for sure...the smoothies will be thirst quenching and satisfying.  Whether it's a hot summer day or you just need a "pick me up", come on by the Sweet Shop for your next smoothie treat.   We'll see you soon!! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It will always be Strawberry Season at the Sweet Shop

We will be offering fresh fruit toppings to sprinkle on your yogurt as well as to blend your custom smoothies. Our fruits will be from mostly local California organic farms delivered to us by Greenleaf in San is a picture of their lovely organic strawberries just in today! My mouth is watering already....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stop in for a cool, refreshing drink at the Sweet Shop

Please stop by the Sweet Shop for a cool, refreshing drink as we will have several types of beverages to quench your thirst.  Amongst the brands that we will be carrying will be Izze Sparkling Beverages and Boylan Old Fashioned Sodas.   We hope when you are thirsty, you'll come in and try one of the beverages we'll be carrying.  See you at the Sweet Shop!

Boylan's Old Fashioned Soda's

 Izze Sparkling Beverages

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Shop in the news!

We are proud to say that we are "in the news".   We have a local newsletter known as the "Los Altos Neighborhood Network (or LANN)".  They have watched us literally grow from the ground up and came to interview Stacy Sullivan (Sweet Shop owner) for this article.  Here is the article in its entirety...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where are our baked goods coming from? Only one of the best bakeries of course!

Ok..we just have to tell you this.  So many people have been asking us where we are going to be getting our baked goods from.  So..we are so excited to announce today where we are getting them...ICING ON THE CAKE BAKERY in Los Gatos.  Now..if you are one of their many, many fans you must be happy that you'll be able to get some of their products from us here at the Sweet Shop.  We'll only be carrying a few of their baked goods, but please come by to see what we'll have.  If you are not familiar with Icing on the Cake bakery, this will be your chance to sample some of their delicious baked goods.  We are really excited to be one of the Shops that will be carrying their products because their products are  of the highest quality and always made with the freshest ingredients.   You are in for a treat when we open!  

They have also earned us the "Best Bakery" nod in the Los Gatos Weekly Times Newspaper year after year, "Best Bakery" and "BThey have also earned us the "Best Bakery" nod in the Los Gatos Weekly Times Newspaper year after year, "Best Bakery" and "Best Desserts" in the Metro and Wave Newspapers and "Best Bakery in Sillicon Valley" (San Jose Magazine).est Desserts" in the Metro and Wave Newspapers and "Best Bakery in Sillicon Valley" (San Jose Magazine).

Time for another peek inside the Shop

In just a few days time, so much has happened.  The cabinets are beginning to take shape on the back wall.  This is behind the counter, so future Sweet Shop customers will see this when they are paying for their items (it'll be to their right).   Remember...all these gorgeous cabinets you see here are from Segale Brothers.  

This is where our refrigerator is going to go (minus the ladder and the broom).  

These cabinets were just hung the day I took these pictures.  Sweet Shop customers will be looking right at these cabinets as they pay for their products. doesn't look like it now..but this is going to be a really sweet wall.  Sweet as in candy sweet.  Yes, this is going to be the wall of candy!!  Check back here soon for updated pictures because what our talented designer has in store for this wall is nothing shy of spectacular!  When I say it's going to be the "wall of sweets"...I mean it.  

How fun is this color?  And this is the bathroom floor!  Even the bathroom floor is going to be red and white (like our logo).  We've thought of everything.  We're going to have a "state of the art" hand dryer in here too to save paper and reduce paper towel waste (it's very cool and very 21st century like).  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Got Straws?

Got Straws?  Chocolate straws that is.  We fell in love with these very unique chocolate straws at the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon show and just knew we had to have them in our Shop.  I actually bought a few boxes and brought them home to see if my kids would like them.   I can tell you that milk has never been consumed as quickly at my house as it was than with the use of these straws!   My kids loved them and wanted to know how quickly I could get more chocolate straws.  They were very happy to hear that the Sweet Shop was going to be selling them and that I would have access to a huge supply of straws.    

Isn't this cute?  This is the cow that comes in a mug along with some hot cocoa.  We may be carrying this product around the holidays.  

There are other products that we will be selling from the same company that sells the "Got Milk" straws. They are called BridgeBrand Chocolates and they are located in San Francisco. Inside these tins are small discs of yummy chocolate.  

Here is another line of products we'll have available from BridgeBrand Chocolates.  It's their line called "chocolate by numbers".  Inside these small boxes are discs of chocolate.  What's great about these small boxes is if you don't feel like having a huge bar of chocolate...just pop a few discs of chocolate in your mouth and you get your chocolate craving satisfied without all the guilt of having a whole bar.  And the box is cute too!