Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time for another peek inside the Shop

In just a few days time, so much has happened.  The cabinets are beginning to take shape on the back wall.  This is behind the counter, so future Sweet Shop customers will see this when they are paying for their items (it'll be to their right).   Remember...all these gorgeous cabinets you see here are from Segale Brothers.  

This is where our refrigerator is going to go (minus the ladder and the broom).  

These cabinets were just hung the day I took these pictures.  Sweet Shop customers will be looking right at these cabinets as they pay for their products. doesn't look like it now..but this is going to be a really sweet wall.  Sweet as in candy sweet.  Yes, this is going to be the wall of candy!!  Check back here soon for updated pictures because what our talented designer has in store for this wall is nothing shy of spectacular!  When I say it's going to be the "wall of sweets"...I mean it.  

How fun is this color?  And this is the bathroom floor!  Even the bathroom floor is going to be red and white (like our logo).  We've thought of everything.  We're going to have a "state of the art" hand dryer in here too to save paper and reduce paper towel waste (it's very cool and very 21st century like).  

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