Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Got Straws?

Got Straws?  Chocolate straws that is.  We fell in love with these very unique chocolate straws at the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon show and just knew we had to have them in our Shop.  I actually bought a few boxes and brought them home to see if my kids would like them.   I can tell you that milk has never been consumed as quickly at my house as it was than with the use of these straws!   My kids loved them and wanted to know how quickly I could get more chocolate straws.  They were very happy to hear that the Sweet Shop was going to be selling them and that I would have access to a huge supply of straws.    

Isn't this cute?  This is the cow that comes in a mug along with some hot cocoa.  We may be carrying this product around the holidays.  

There are other products that we will be selling from the same company that sells the "Got Milk" straws. They are called BridgeBrand Chocolates and they are located in San Francisco. Inside these tins are small discs of yummy chocolate.  

Here is another line of products we'll have available from BridgeBrand Chocolates.  It's their line called "chocolate by numbers".  Inside these small boxes are discs of chocolate.  What's great about these small boxes is if you don't feel like having a huge bar of chocolate...just pop a few discs of chocolate in your mouth and you get your chocolate craving satisfied without all the guilt of having a whole bar.  And the box is cute too!

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