Friday, July 10, 2009

What candy will you choose at the Sweet Shop?

Have you been watching our "what's your favorite candy" poll on our blog? It's been so much fun to watch this poll over the past few months as the front runner has always been chocolate. While this is my personal favorite and vice, I'm surprised to see that it has been such a clear favorite of so many of the blog followers. Is it really going to be that much more of a favorite than say...

the sour candies? Now this candy has usually been a hit with so many! If you were to search "sour candies" it is amazing to see the variety of candies that actually come in a sour kind. I'm happy to say that we'll be carrying quite a few of them. We even had a taste test to make sure that we had the best tasting ones! But...are the sour candies really going to

...beat the sweet candies? Come on! They're sweet after all. Colorful, sweet, so many types. From our childhood.

Well, I guess what will remain to be seen is what candy will you eat when the Sweet Shop doors open in just a few weeks? The polls say one thing, but you - the Sweet Shop customer - will say another. One thing is for certain - we will be waiting for you and your sweet tooth.

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