Friday, July 24, 2009

Our colorful lights went up today

I was so excited to walk through our doors this afternoon and see our beautiful, colorful lights. I have never - and I mean never - seen such colorful lights in a candy and frozen yogurt shop like this before. I was blown away! They are so unique and colorful that they really take your breath away when you first see them.

Here is a close up view of one the colorful lights. How beautiful is this light?

I really love these orange lights too. They just WOW you when you walk in. They are directly over our counter and will be highlighting all of our incredible baked goods, frozen yogurt toppings and many tempting sweets. While the color may not come across in this picture, it is one of those colors that just makes you happy looking at it.

We are getting so excited here at the Sweet Shop as more and more of our interior starts to take shape and we get ready for our future customers. Keep coming back every few days for more updates on our progress and we'll see you soon when our doors open.

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