Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check out what's new inside our Shop!

When I came in this morning and saw Noelle painting these cute designs on our walls, I just couldn't believe it! How cute are these? We are having special candy and yogurt themed designs painted on our walls. It has been so amazing to watch our walls transform from being a normal, boring white to a gorgeous faux yellow with these cute designs now on them. You are just going to have to come in and check them out for yourself when we open.

This picture shows three of the five designs Noelle is painting.

And here is a close up of the peppermint. All of these are painted directly above the Sweet Shop door, so you will see these every time you leave our Shop. Something nice to look at as you leave our doors - a sweet exit.

Here, Sandy is painting our logo. Doesn't it look great?! This is going to be directly above the candy area and you will see this as you walk into the Shop.

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