Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get your Goat at the Sweet Shop!

Ok, we really don't have any goats here... however it is Spring and the season for all the new baby goats so we are introducing our new caramels locally handmade by Happy Goat!
These yummy, creamy caramels are made using 100% natural goat milk and Vanilla Bean, such a difference from your every day caramel and simply delicious! And the good news is since they are made of goat milk vs. cow milk, they are lower in fat, better for you and for anyone that might be lactose intolerant, you can enjoy too!
Be sure to stop by the Sweet Shop this Sunday, May 2nd between 2pm & 4pm, for a caramel sample and to learn more from the founder of Happy Goat!
Yummy, local & handmade...
What makes you happy?

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