Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh My, Snakes & Butterflies at the Sweet Shop!

So we really don't have any real snakes, no worries...butterflies yes!
What we do have is a delightful new chocolate line that we absolutely adore
Snake & Butterfly Chocolates made in Campbell, Ca.
Here is a just sample of our favorites: Smoked Almond Bar, Dark Chocolate Bar Ghana, Chocolate & Mission Fig Caramels, Maple Bacon Chocolate Caramels, Honey Chocolate Caramels, Chocolate Marshmallows just to name a few. Mouth watering and delicious!
They are all so good, it makes it so hard to decide which one!
We also have one of their RAW Chocolates, "raw" chocolate is not processed or heated and contains more anti-oxidants from the Cacao plants (this is healthier), aka "live chocolate". Most of the chocolates are vegan and gluten free too!
We welcome our new local product to the Sweet Shop, be sure to get some Snake & Butterfly on your next visit!

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