Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simple Ooey Gooey Goodness....

Since we opened we have baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies everyday at the Sweet Shop!
Our cute little oven almost seems like a high powered convection easy bake oven.

We carry some delicious baked goods from our local bakeries but there is something extra special about one of our fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (my sons fav) that soothes us with the comfort of home.

On a typical afternoon once school lets out we can't bake them quick enough to keep up with the demand, fortunately we recently purchased more cookie sheets so we are on top of it now and have cookies for all!

Haven’t had one yet? get 'em while they last.
If it didn't just pop out of the oven, we will even warm it up for you.
And if you are like some of our young customers nothing goes better with a chocolate chip cookie than a cold glass of milk or a hot chocolate!

Oh, and if you need to bring a treat to school or an event, give us a jingle and we will happily make batches of cookies for you.

Enjoy the simple things in life!

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