Friday, April 1, 2011

Recchiuti Debuts at the Sweet Shop

Our new favorite chocolate bar, the Fève... Cocoa Nibs meets Chocolate.

What are Cacao Nibs you ask?

They are the dried and roasted kernel of the cocoa bean that remains after the husk has been removed.

In this unique bar, Michael Recchiuti explores the combination of cacao's starting point (the nib) with its end point, finished chocolate. Roasted cacao nibs ("fave" in French) impart earthy flavor and crunch to the smooth richness of the bittersweet chocolat. The contrast between the smooth rich dark chocolate and the roasted cocoa nibs makes this bar one you may not want to share!

We have also added a Burnt Caramel Sauce to our shop of goodies...Simply drizzle over your favorite desert - ice cream, frozen yogurt, pie, cake, fruit or whatever tickles your fancy!

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