Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Harry...

At the Sweet Shop we have some wonderful regular customers & we love you all!

Sometimes it feels like “Cheers” here ;)
We have been thinking for awhile about a way to celebrate some of our favorite customers and decided since we live in such a techie world why not blog about these special customers with a BIG Thank You.
So hello Harry

Almost 2 years ago I noticed a lovely & charming gentleman stopping by the shop on his daily walk, often popping in for his usual café au lait, a sandwich or sometimes a froyo, but even more important to sit and relax for awhile & read the newspaper. Apparently, we are one of the few places that offer the Daily News & Daily Post in the neighborhood!

As time passed and Harry frequented more & more I just couldn't wait to say hi to Harry. One day we talked about one of his beautiful classic cars and moments later who showed up? Harry of course to take us for a spin, what a special treat!

We have all gotten to know Harry at the Sweet Shop and one of the best things about Harry is he has taken the time to get to know us personally. He has traveled the world and shares some great stories & pictures with us, he’s even been to the town I was born in - Paraparamu! Harry is the ultimate customer & if you spot him in the shop please do say hello Harry!

A visit from Harry is essential every day for us - Harry you definitely make our Life Sweet!

Merci Beaucoup Harry...

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