Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Sweet Shop cares about your garden - and the planet

Have you seen these cute bags sitting around on one of the ledges lately and wondered what they were for?, our Barista (Sam) decided to use her wonderful sign making skills to tell our customers exactly what was in these bags and what they could be used for. They are used coffee grinds and your garden LOVES them. Sprinkle them around your flowers and they will make them so very happy.

Here at the Sweet Shop we care very much about the environment and many of you are probably not aware that almost EVERY cup, bowl, utensil, lid and bag in our shop is compostable. That's right...even the candy bags!! Our candy bags are cellulose bags. Cellulose is the primary component of the cell walls of plants - completely natural and nontoxic, can be composted, is 100% biodegradable -- and can also be recycled with other paper products. Biodegrades in 30 to 90 days in soil. The yogurt cups are sugarcane, our utensils are potatoes. So much here at the Sweet Shop is biodegradable it's amazing!

The Sweet Shop is much more than just a "community sweet store with heart" - we care not only for our customers of today - but for our customers of tomorrow. And we care very much about the planet that we are all sharing.

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