Thursday, September 10, 2009

The word is out! The baked goods at the Sweet Shop are a hit!!

Have you tried our baked goods yet? If not - you are in for a treat...a real treat! Our baked goods come from some of the best bakeries in the Bay Area (yes, we are biased). However, the word is slowly getting out there and our customers are coming back for more after they have tried them for the first time - or a new customer has come in and said "I heard you have Sibby's Cupcakes in here!!".

We have baked goods from "Icing on the Cake" in Los Gatos. If you have never treated yourself to one of their delectable goodies, you just have to come in and try one of the items that we are carrying from their bakery. While they have some of the best cakes, cupcakes and cookies that we have ever tried, we are only able to carry a few of their top sellers. Currently we are carrying some of their popular loaf cakes, s'mores (a huge hit - I swear eating one of these will take you back to your childhood sitting by a campfire), fancy cookies and a few of their other treats.

Sibby's Cupcakes - It is true! We have them folks. Word is slowly leaking out that we have them and the customers that had never tried them before are now repeat customers (I'm not making this fact up). Tell me now - how cute are the designs on these cupcakes too? And the chocolate one that you see in the picture above with the swirly design, they have a creme filling inside that will make you want a huge glass of milk right beside you. You just have to try a Sibby's Cupcake if you've never tried one - I swear they are the best, freshest tasting cupcakes ever! (and their design team can put anything on top of a cupcake - they are amazing).

Hope to see you at the Sweet Shop soon trying one of our wonderful baked goods.

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  1. I can't wait to come in to the shop! Icing on the Cake has such delicious sweets so I am excited to hear that I can get the treats without the drive!