Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween, Pumpkins, Spiders & Bats...

Autumn Treats & Halloween Sweets at the Sweet Shop!
Delicious Pumpkin Pound Cake, Caramel Apples, Coffee Cake Crimpys, Caramel Corn & Fall Caramels just for starters!
For the more daring at this time of the year,
try some of our favorites...
Giant Gummi Snakes, Boxes of Boogers,
Frankenstein's Brains, Scairdy Cats,
Creepy Peepers, Crazy Bone Pops,
Witches Fingers & Gummi Pet Rats
just to name a few!

For all those that might need immediate relief of: Halloween mayhem, fake Frankensteins, plastic spiders and fake blood. Pick up some of our Emergency Chocolate or Broomstick Fuel Chocolate - super fun!

A Giant Gummi Snakes also enjoys our festive Candy Corn Deluxe mix.
More Autumn Treats & Halloween Sweets arriving everyday!

Halloween, Halloween,
It's a very special time,
With ghosts and goblins
All around,
Lots of candy to be found
at the Sweet Shop!

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