Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doggie Menu at the Sweet Shop!

Sit, Stay, Play?
All three are OK with us!
If you didn't know already, the Sweet Shop has a cool outdoor dog friendly patio. Some of our canine friends have a hard time walking by the Sweet Shop without stopping by for a special doggie cookie made by Auntie Julie;)

There is plenty of room for our furry friends and free water for all those on their walks!

We have discovered there are very few pet friendly restaurants in the Bay Area so we want to be sure you know about our patio and introduce our new Doggie Menu for your pets!

Doggie Menu

Over Easy Rover (Scrambled Eggs & Ham)

Healthy Hips (Carrots & Apples drizzled with Vita Gravy)

Wag my Tail (Pumpkin Popsicle)

Cookies by Auntie Julie

Here are a few pictures of our frequent visitors....


Sweet Molly

Adorable Ringo

See you and Fido at the Sweet Shop soon!

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