Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Long, and Thank You, Danielle...

We are so lucky at the Sweet Shop to have such an amazing team, they are part of our community, part of our decision making process for products and ideas and most of all they really do make the shop extra “sweet”…This week we are saying goodbye to our lovely Barista, Danielle.
Danielle has been working at the Sweet Shop for just over a year, she recently graduated from high
school and is now off to college & her future endeavors.

She is someone that will always go the extra mile & beyond with a smile and one of the most giving, helpful people I have met.

We even named one of our latest sandwiches after her, “The Danielle”….French baguette lightly buttered with ham and cheese – so simple and cheerful just like our Danielle! They are quite popular ;)

As I said...Danielle always went above and beyond...our lovely Easter Bunny!

If you haven't met Danielle, please do stop by the Sweet
Shop this week and meet her and wish her well.
The Sweet Shop team will dearly miss her.
Thank you Danielle, we will miss you!

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